The Faculty of Education is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion within its programs. A top priority is to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action in a concrete manner by encouraging First Nations, Métis, 和因纽特人申请教育学士学位.

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) is a 12-month post-degree program beginning in May consisting of 60 credit hours in education courses. This program is designed to provide the variety of courses and extended field experiences through which students can develop the knowledge and skills needed to teach in the modern classroom. It is the opportunity for students to direct their studies in Primary/Elementary (K–6) or Intermediate/Senior (7–12) and also pursue optional additional study through a focus in International, Indigenous, Early Learning, or Adult Education.

我们询问了我们的BEd学生为什么他们决定在UPEI攻读BEd学位. 回答主要分为三类:

  • 能够在12个月内完成学位
  • International, Indigenous, Early Learning, and Adult Education study foci
  • 项目信誉与质量

These responses illustrate the strengths of our BEd program and the multiple options available to our students. One student stated, "UPEI is one of the most forward-thinking universities in Canada offering a BEd... 选择UPEI是无需动脑筋的事情,”我们倾向于同意这一点.

Students in the Faculty of Education are encouraged to think critically and creatively about the purpose and practice of education in local communities and global society. Our professors recognize that a supportive and inclusive learning environment cultivates a healthy spirit of enquiry in our students. The close rapport between students and professors is often cited as the most valued aspect of a student’s experience in the UPEI education program.


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Course Structure
Required Courses


  • ED 4030艺术与社会转型
  • ED 4110学习者与学习
  • ED 4150多样化和包容性的课堂
  • ED 4200科学、技术、数学和工程教学(STEM)
  • 土著教育导论
  • 教育中的文化和社会观点
  • 教育全球公民
  • ED 4660英语作为另一种语言教学的原则和实践
  • ED 4820评估和评价
  • ED 4961教师职业准备
  • ED 4962 Practicum I
  • ED 4971为教师职业做准备
  • ED 4972 Practicum II


  • ED 4220教师数学
  • ED 4230小学/小学数学
  • 科学与社会研究中基于探究的方法
  • 小学/小学数学2
  • ED 4320初级/初级语言、文学和多种文学
  • ED 4330早年的读写能力和多种读写能力2
  • 社会情绪学习与儿童心理健康


  • ED 4130课程中的多元文化
  • ED 4420 Adolescent Social & Emotional Health
  • ED 4530课程与教育学

Students take 4 of:

  • ED 4260中级/高级数学
  • 中级/高级数学2
  • ED 4360中级/高级英语
  • ED 4370中级/高级英语
  • ED 4460中级/高级科学
  • ED 4470中级/高级科学
  • 中级/高级社会研究
  • 中级/高级社会研究2
Focus Areas
Study Foci

学生可以完成国际课程的学习重点, Indigenous, Early Learning, or Adult Education by completing a five- to six-week practicum in the relevant focus area and one course beyond the 20 required for the BEd as outlined below:

International Education

Indigenous Education
ED 4510在K-12课程中融入土著主题

Early Learning
ED 4336培养幼儿的学习和游戏能力

Adult Education

  • ED 3630 The Adult Learner
  • ED 3640成人学习评估
  • ed3680课程开发
  • ED 3730成人学习中的包容与分化

决定完成一个额外的重点领域 after entering the program.

Admissions Criteria

All applicants must meet the provincial prerequisites for certification as written in the PEI Education Act. As per section 2(c)(ii), all applicants must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree (90 or 120 hours) and, 适用于申请中级/高级课程的学生, 两个不同教学领域的主修和/或辅修课程.

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) is a 12-month post-degree program consisting of 60 credit hours in education with the program commencing in May of each year. This program is designed to provide the variety of courses and extended field experiences through which students can develop the knowledge and skills needed to teach in the modern classroom. It provides the opportunity for students to focus their studies in Primary/Elementary Years (K–6) or Intermediate/Senior Years (grades 7–12), and in International, Indigenous, 或成人和职场教育.

Common Admission Requirements

Applicants must have completed the requirements for their undergraduate degree from an approved registered university and have the degree conferred before June 30. 研究生学习可能会被考虑到入学要求. 

  1. Applicants must have an overall average of not less than 70% (at least between C+ and B-) computed on the 20 highest grades of the last 22 courses (3 semester hours of credit). 研究生学习可能会被考虑到入学要求. 
  2. Applicants must have at least 6 semester hours of credit in English or equivalent (at least 3 of which are recommended to be in Composition); 
  3. 申请人必须完成3个学期的数学课程;
  4. Applicants must 完成一份经验简介 哪些文件将作为补充文件上传到申请中. 
  5. Applicants whose first language is not English must also satisfy the UPEI English Language Proficiency requirements.
  6. Applicants must have completed academic courses in subjects taught in the school system which satisfy the requirements for the program level into which they seek admission. 

Primary/Elementary (K–6)

  • 社会研究6学时(如下所列);
  • 6 credit hours in Science (as listed below); (3 of which must be a lab-based science); and
  • 3个发展心理学学分或同等学历.


  • Applicants must have appropriate coursework in two defined teachable areas as outlined below:
  • at least 42 credit hours of university coursework in a first teachable area as listed below;
  • at least 18 credit hours of university coursework in a second teachable area as listed below, 在一个与第一个不同的可教的领域


  • English (includes Communications, Creative Writing, Drama, Journalism, linguistic, Media Studies, and Theatre); 
    • Note: UPEI Courses UPEI 1010, UPEI 1020, and UPEI 1030 are deemed as equivalent to one another and will only qualify as one three-credit course. 
  • Social Studies (includes Acadian Studies, Anthropology, Canadian Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies, Family Science, Geography, Global Studies, History, Indigenous Studies, Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, 多样性与社会正义研究);
  • Science (includes Chemistry, Biology, Foods and Nutrition, Forestry, Geology/Earth Sciences, Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Oceanography, Environmental Science, Agriculture, and Physics);
  • Mathematics (包括数学、物理、统计学和计算机科学);



申请时间为6月1日至9月15日. All completed and eligible files are forwarded to the Faculty of Education. Each file will then be assessed by a Faculty Committee on the following areas outlined in the applicant’s Experience Profile:

  • 教学经验
  • 儿童和青年的经验
  • 学术历史和其他培训

Those to whom offers will be extended are informed by early December and given a confirmation deadline. 在此之后,将向等候名单上的申请人提供录取通知.


UPEI教育学士课程要求清单 - Primary/Elementary
UPEI教育学士课程要求清单 - Intermediate/Senior

Please 请参阅UPEI学术日历 完整的入学信息.

Fees and Funding


教育学士学费- $13,140
International students pay $11,478 per year in addition to full-time student tuition.

For a complete breakdown of part-time or full-time study as a student in the Faculty of Education, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Scholarships and Awards

UPEI支持您和您的教育目标. We administer millions of dollars in scholarships and awards to our undergraduate and graduate students every year. Depending on your faculty or program, and year of study, you may be eligible for available awards.

搜索完整的奖学金列表 查阅资料及申请表格.  

Faculty Members
Your mentors. Our professors.

UPEI拥有大约250名杰出SBOBET体育, teachers, and mentors, 我们每年都会招更多的人, progressive, and unique programs. 但故事不只是在数字上. 关键在于我们员工的素质. 来自世界各地的获奖教师已经把UPEI作为家. Here, you’ll learn directly from these world-class professors and researchers in small classes where you’ll have easy access to them.